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Registracija iki / Deadline

sausio 31 January

balandžio 23-30 April



Prizinis fondas 26 000 EUR Prize fund

X tarptautinis

Balio Dvariono

jaunųjų pianistų

ir smuikininkų


Order of the Competition


The competition is subdivided into 3 age groups:

"A" - participants born on or after June 19, 2008

"B" - participants born on or after June 19, 2004

"C" - participants born on or after June 19, 2000


The performances will be evaluated by an international jury.

Each jury for Pianists and for Violinists will include 7 members.

The final 3rd round with orchestra in age group "C" will be adjudicated by all 14 Jury members.

Jury decisions are final and may not be challenged or amended.

All performances are open to the public.

The order of performance in Round 1 and Round 2 of the Competition will be determined by age from the youngest to the oldest participant.

The order of performance in Round 3 will be decided by the Organisers together with the orchestra conductor.

Competition Laureates and Diploma Holders are obliged to participate in the Competition Finale Concerts without remuneration or reimbursement of expenses.


The Competition Committee reserves the right to record and market Competition performances and Finale Concerts in any format, present or future, including but not limited to audio, video, digital or other forms of recording, and/or to radio, Internet, digital and/or TV broadcasts, as well as commercial release of said recordings/broadcasts without remuneration to the Competitors.

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