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Balio Dvariono

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The Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra





















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Balys Dvarionas (1904-1972), a composer, pianist, and conductor formed the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra (LNSO) in 1940. Later Abelis Klenickis and Margarita Dvarionaite led the orchestra. Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra.


Since 1964 the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra has been working under the direction of JUOZAS DOMARKAS, a graduate of the St. Petersburg Conservatoire. Thanks to his professional and organizational skills, the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra has significantly improved and developed into a high-standard ensemble, which was able to present classical masterpieces in Lithuania (L.van Beethoven’s “Missa solemnis” and Symphony No.9, G. Mahler’s symphonies, I. Stravinsky’s compositions). These concerts became significant events in Lithuania’s musical life, and were later performed in prestigious halls in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


The LNSO has participated in many international festivals, among them “The Moscow Stars”, “The Russian Winter” and “The Prague Spring”.The orchestra performed twice at the International Festival of Contemporary Music in St. Petersburg as well as at Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival.


Renowned Lithuanian and foreign performers have collaborated with the orchestra.Its permanent partner is the Kaunas State Choir. The Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra has been guest-conducted by S. Sondeckis, J. Aleksa, K. Kondrashin, V. Fedosejev (Russia), N. Järvi (Estonia), K. Masur, H. M. Schneidt, H. Kegel, J. Frantz and J. Wehnert (Germany), Ch. Bruck, J. S. Casadesus, C. Diederich (France), and O. W. Müller (the USA) among many others.The orchestra has collaborated with singers V. Noreika, V. Daunoras, G. Apanaviciute, S. Larin, S. Stonyte, R. Maciute, L. Domikaite, A. Janutas, V. Prudnikovas, pianists P. Stravinskas, M. Rubackyte, P. Geniušas, E. Gilels, R. Kerer, D. Bashkirov, N. Petrov (Russia), D. Pollack (the USA), J. Ogdon (Great Britain), violinists R. Katilius, L. Kogan, G. Kremer, V. Tretjakov, V. Spivakov (Russia), violoncellists M. Rostropovich, N. Gutman (Russia), D. Geringas (Germany), violinist J. Bashmet and many other talented musicians.


Today the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra ranks as one of European professional orchestras.It represents Lithuania in many countries. In 1994 the orchestra went on an important tour to Germany, Belgium, England and Scotland (including performances in the Köln Philharmonic, London Barbican Center, Birmingham and Sheffield). In 1995 it toured Japan, Italy (soloist M. Rostropovich) and performed at the Musikverein in Vienna.In spring (1996) the LNSO gave a concert at the Alte Oper Frankfurt, and in December it toured Spain, France, Switzerland and Germany with soloist M. Rostropovich, one of the world’s best violoncellists.In 1997 the orchestra gave concerts in Wiesbaden, and in 1998 - in Hamburg, Köln, Frankfurt and other cities of Germany.



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