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Echoes of the International Balys Dvarionas Competition


In concerts organised by Balys Dvarionas Charity and Support Foundation laureates of the Balys Dvarionas competition and young performers from Robert Schumann Music University in Düsseldorf will take part 


June 3 | 18:00  Vilnius Picture Gallery, Didžioji St 4, Vilnius

June 4 | 20:00 Palanga Amber Park Museum, Vytauto St 17, Palanga


Milda Daunoraitė, Lithuania (piano)


Born in 2001 in Anykščiai (Lithuania). Currently is studying in Šilutė Art School with Liudmila Kašėtienė, she also takes lessons from Justas Dvarionas. Milda is a laureate of many national and international competitions. In 2009 she was awarded Grand Prix in the 3rd National Competition "Happy Fingers"; In 2010 and in 2014 she became laureate of the National Balys Dvarionas Competition for Pianists and String Players; in 2011 – winner of the National competition for young talents ""; in 2012 and in 2014 – 1st prize winner of the International Competition "We play music together"; in 2013 – 2nd prize winner of the 4th International Competition for Young Musicians "Viva la Musica" in Latvia; in 2014 – Grand Prix winner in the International Competition "Renaissance" in Klaipėda; In 2015 became 1st prize winner of the International Piano Duo Competition "Brother and Sister" in Sankt Petersburg; in 2015 m. – 1st prize winner of the International Competition "Little Amber Stones of Baltic"; in 2010 and in 2015 – Grand Prix winner of the International Competition "Music Without Limits". In 2016 – laureate of the National and International Balys Dvarionas Competitions.


Augustas Gocentas, Lithuania (cello)


Born in 1997 in Vilnius. Is studying at the National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Arts, cello class of R. Kalnėnaitė. Is winner of competitions in Lithuania and abroad. In 2009 won special prize for the unique style in the competition "Young musician" in Tallinn, in 2009 – 2nd prize at the S. Sondeckis Competition in Šiauliai, in 2010 received the 2nd prize in the competition "Talents of Europe" in Slovakia, in 2010 received the 2nd prize at the J. Urba Competition, in 2011 he received the 1st prize at the same competition. In 2012 won the Ist prize at the International Competition for Chamber Ensembles "With Music Through Europe". As winners of this competition they gave concerts in Rome and Vilnius. In 2013  won the 1st prize in Gradus ad Parnasum competition, in 2014 won the main prize at Ars Lithuanica, in 2015 passed the audition and took part in Moritzburg festival, received the Grand Prix in Kaunas Sonorum Competition, gave concerts with Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, St. Christopher Orchestra conducted by Modestas Pitrėnas, Modestas Barkauskas, Martynas Staškus, Donatas Katkus. One year he was supported by M. Rostropovich Support Foundation. Also was under patronage of Saulius Karosas Foundation. 


Armin-Thomas Khihel, Germany (clarinet)


Armin-Thomas Khihel was born in 2001 in Mönchengladbach. Since 2016 is studying clarinet with Martin Bewersdorff at Robert Schumann Music Universuty in Düsseldorf. For 6 years he studied clarinet with Holger Busboom at the Music School of Mönchengladbach, later privately with Olaf Scholz, main clarinetist of Lower Rhine Symphony Orchestra.

Is the winner of regional and national competitions "Jugend musiziert", in 2015 at the national competition he won the IInd prize.

The first orchestral xperience he gained while playing together with Youth Symphony Orchestra in Tonhalle, Düsseldorf, conducted by Baron Ernst von Marschall.

Took masterclasses from Sabina Meyer, Rainer Wehle, John Gmeinder and Thorsten Johanns.


Kasparas Mikužis, Lithuania (piano)


Born in 2001 in Šilutė (Lithuania). Studied at Šilutė Music School with teacher Liuda Kašėtienė, consulted with Justas Dvarionas. Since 2015 September, after graduation of Šilutė Music School he is studying at the National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Arts, the class of Justas Dvarionas.

He received his first award in 2009 at the International festival "Little Talents 2009". Since 2010 is under patronage of Michel Sogny Foundation "SOS tallents", regularly paticipates in masterclasses and concerts in France, Switzerland, Georgia, Poland and Netherlands. In 2012 his concert was broadcast on MEZZO TV and watched by the presidents of Georgia and Lithuania.

Kasparas is winner of many international competitions: in 2013 – 1st prize at the International Competition "Young Musician Tallinn 2013", he appeared together with chamber orchestra in Tallinn Concert Hall, in 2014 – IInd prize at the International Competition "PETAR KONJOVIČ" in Belgrade, Serbia, 1st prize at the International Competition "Renesansas" in Klaipėda, 1st prize at International Piano Duo Competition "We play music together" in Kaunas, in 2015 – 1st prize at the International Piano Duo Competition "Brother and Sister" in Saint Petersburg, Russia, 1st prize at PIANALE competition and signed a cooperation agreement with KNS classical music agency, he is a laureate of the National Balys Dvarionas Competition and Grand Prix winner of the International Balys Dvarionas Competition, 1st prize winner at Vladimir Krainev Competition in Kharkov, Ukraine and winner of the Competition "Akordy Xorticy" in Zaporozhye, Ukraine in 2016. 


Yumeka Nakagawa, Japan (piano)


Yumeka Nakagawa was born in 2001 in Düsseldorf. Since 2012 is studying at Robert Schumann Music University with prof. Yumiko Maruyama. Currently Yumeka is studying with professor Barbara Szczepanska. She became laureate at the International Steinway Piano Competition in Hamburg, "Westfälische van Bremen" Piano Competition in Dortmund and "International Rachmaninov Piano Competition" in Frankfurt. As a soloist she performed concerts by W. A. Mozart, J. Haydn and L. van Beethoven with Sinfonietta Köln Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Cornelius Frowein. In 2014 she won the IInd prize at the 4th International F. Liszt Piano Competition in Weimar. In 2016 she became a laureate of the 10th International Balys Dvarionas Competition. 


Sophie Stein, Germany (oboe)


Sophie Antonia Stein was born in 2000 in Mönchengladbach. For two years she studied at Music School of Mönchengladbach in the program of Musical Studies. When she was 9 she started studying oboe with Detlef Groß. In 2012 she won the IInd prize at "Jugend musiziert" competition, in 2014 at the national competition together with her ensemble "Trio d'anches" she won the IIIrd prize. In 2014 she became  a member of State Youth Orchestra NRW and took part on a tour across Poland. In Spring of 2014 with orchestra they performed in many cities. To both stages of the orchestral activities recordings were sent. In 2015 at national competition "Jugend musiziert 2015" in the category of oboe she received the Ist prize, in the competition "Bühne frei" she won special prize – two solo concerts with Lower Rhein Symphony Orchestra. After the last audition and the last stage of work she became a regular member of the State Youth Orchestra. Currently Sophie is a young student in class of prof. Frömbgeno in Robert Schumann Music University. 


Lisa Zhu, Germany (piano)


Lisa Zhu was born in 2002 in Düsseldorf. She started to play music when she was 5. In 2012 she joined Robert Schumann Music University, the class of professor Barbara Szczepanska. Lisa is a winner of several competitions: "Jugend musiziert", "Van Bremen", "Lions-Musikpreis", "Trimborn". She gave concerts in such halls as "Schumann Saal" with Cologne Sinfonietta, "Tonhalle" in Düsseldorf and in Essen Philharmonic Hall. In 2016 Lisa Zhu became a diploma holder of the 10th International Balys Dvarionas Competition.


Ugnė Liepa Žuklytė, Lithuania (violin)


Ugnė Liepa Žuklytė was born in 2001. Since 7 years old she started her studies at the National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Arts in the class of professor Rusnė Mataitytė. She is a winner of many national and international competitions. In 2010 she won the 1st prize at the National J. Urba Competition and the International Competition "Gradus ad Parnassum". Since 2010 she actively gives concerts with Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra. Since 2012 she is under patronage of Mstislav Rostropovich Charity and Support Foundation, performed with St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra, in the same year became a laureate of the IX International Balys Dvarionas Competition. In 2013 received the Queen Martha award, won the 1st prize at the International V. Radovičius Competition for String Players. In 2015 performed with Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra and Kaunas Symphony Orchestra. Ugnė Liepa Žuklytė actively gives concerts in S. Vainiūnas and M. K. Čiurlionis homes, also in St. Katherine Church and St. Casimir Church. In 2016 she became a laureate of the National Balys Dvarionas Competition and a diploma holder of the International Balys Dvarionas Competition.




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