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General Rules

  • V International Jascha Heifetz Competition for Violinists will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania from 13 to 19 of February in 2017.

  • The Competition is open to violinists of all nationalities who were born on or after 2 February 1990.

  • Performances will be judged by an international jury, chaired by Gidon Kremer. The decisions of the jury are final and are not subject to appeal. Maestro Kremer will be a jury entirely in the 2nd round.

  • A participation fee of 100 euros must be paid during the ONLINE registration to the competition by 15 December 2016 (23:59 LT time) through the payment systems PayPal, Paysera or with credit card. If paid in advance with bank transfer – the full name of the competitor must be written clearly. The participation fee is non-refundable.

For bank transfer payment please use the following account (in case you would not prefer the PayPal, Paysera or credit card payment):



IBAN: LT567230000000700318


Address: Totoriu 20 , Vilnius LT 01121, Lithuania

Bank Name: UAB Medicinos bankas

Branch of the Bank: Vilnius Branch

Address of the Bank : Pamėnkalnio 40, LT-01114 Vilnius


If you would like to be advised yet another way of payment, please contact us via



  • The application for the competition must be submited ONLINE from 1 September to 15 December (23:59 LT time) on the website

  • The Competition organisers will provide professional accompanists for all competitors, on request, for an additional fee. The fee for one 60-minute rehearsal and competition performance is 80 euros.

  • Competitors and accompanists must cover their own travel and accommodation costs. The organisers can assist with information on reasonably priced accommodation.

  • Selected competitors should register at the Competition desk from12 February (9:00–22:00) until February 13 (08:00–111:00) in 2017 at the following address:

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Gedimino ave. 42, Vilnius

  • Drawing of lots will take place on the 13th February at 12:00, address Gedimino ave. 42, Vilnius, The Great Hall, 3rd Floor

  • The applicant declares with the registration that no third party holds any copyright or other legal rights to materials recorded during the Competition. He/she further transfers to the Competition organisers all such rights at no cost and for an unlimited period of time, worldwide. This will also allow the organisers unlimited use of recordings made during the Competition, for which the participant will receive no remuneration.

  • The Competition organisers reserve the right to allow all the performances and final concerts to be broadcast on radio and television, and to be produced as audio, video, film, CD, cassettes and vinyl recordings, without remuneration to the competitors.

  • The Lithuanian text takes precedence over this translation in any dispute concerning the interpretation of the Competition rules.

  • The next International Jascha Heifetz Competition for Violinists is expected to take place in 2021.


Prizes and awards

  • Total prize fund of the competition is 20 000 euros

I Prize 10 000 Eur

II Prize 5 000 Eur

III Prize 2 000 Eur

3 Diplomants – 1 000 Eur (each)

  • There may be additional prizes funded by individuals or organizations.


Course of the competition

  • The competition will be held in three rounds: Preliminary Round (video recording, might be sent as a youtube link or via, I Round (with an accompanist and solo), II Round (with symphony orchestra).

  • During the Preliminary Round a special Jury will evaluate the recordings and select the participants, who will be invited to participate in the I Round.

  • The results of the Preliminary Round will be announced on on 2 January 2017.

  • The selected participants will receive an invitation together with the compulsory piece written specialy for the competition.

  • The order of appearance during the I and II Rounds will be decided by drawing lots in the presence of all participants and shall not be changed during the competition.

  • All the pieces must be played from memory.

  • The I Round will take place for three days. No more than six competitors will be selected to participate in the II Round.

  • All performances at all stages of the Competition are open to the public. The competitors’ performances will not be interrupted.

  • Competitors who are admitted to the Second Round are committed to participating in it. All winners agree to be present at the award-giving ceremony and to receive their prizes personally.


Competition programme


SELECTION ROUND (recording is sent together with the ONLINE application):


1. W. A. Mozart – First movement of one selected violin concerto:

No. 1 in B major KV 207 or

No. 2 in D major KV 211 or

No. 3 in G major KV 216 or

No. 4 in D major KV 218 or

No. 5 in A major KV 219

2. N. Paganini: one caprice selected from Op. 1


I ROUND (no more than 30 participants):


1. J. S. Bach:

Sonata No. 1 in G minor, BWV 1001; III and IV movements (Siciliana, Presto) or

Sonata No. 2 in A minor, BWV 1003; III and IV movements (Andante, Allegro) or

Sonata No. 3 in C major, BWV 1005; III and IV movements (Largo, Allegro assai)

2. N. Paganini: one caprice selected from Op. 1 (the same can be repeated from the selection round)

3. Selected virtuosic piece (duration up to 15 min.)

4. Compulsory piece for violin solo, witten by Vilnius composer (will be sent together with the competition acceptance confirmation)

5. Transcription by Jascha Heifetz


II ROUND (no more than 6 participants):

One of the following concertos accompanied by orchestra:


  • F. Mendelssohn: Concerto for violin in E minor, Op. 64 or

  • J. Sibelius: Concerto for violin in D minor, Op. 47 or

  • P. Tchaikovsky: Concerto for violin in D major, Op. 35

  • A. Glazunov: Concerto for violin in A minor, Op. 82


Approximate schedule of the competition


February 12-13 Registration of the participants (12 – 9:00–22:00,

13 – 08:00–11:00)

February 13 12:00 Drawing of lots, opening of the competition rehearsals of the competitors

February 14 Rehearsals of the competitors

February 14–17 I Round of the competition

February 18 Rehearsals with the symphony orchestra (for the finalists) | Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall, Aušros Vartų g. 5, Vilnius

February 19 II Round of the competition, awards, closing

Please follow all the information about competition at

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