Aistė Dvarionaitė

The fourth generation of musicians


Aiste  Dvarionaite  was  literally born  into the world full of  sounds  of  music  as she  belongs to one  of the most famous dynasties  of  musicians  of  Lithuania  -  that  of  the  Dvarionas dynasty. Both her paternal grandparents had been piano professors at Vilnius  Musical  Academy, and not only: the grandfather, Balys Dvarionas, was also a known composer and the  Vilnius  Philharmonic  Symphony  orchestra  conductor.  Aldona Dvarionaite, Aiste’s aunt, had been a famous pianist, especially  adored  in  Poland.  Aiste’s  brother   Justas  Dvarionas  is  a  pianist.  He  is  also  the  current Vice President for International  Competitions,    EMCY  -  Union  of  Music   Competitions  for  Youth  –  a  network  of over fifty national and international music competitions for young people across Europe.


Aiste’s father Jurgis Dvarionas is a well-known professor of violin at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Prof Jurgis Dvarionas  was  brought  up  by Prof Boris Belenky at the Moscow State Conservatory who was trained by another stellar violinist  Lev  Zeitlin.  In  turn, Zeitlin  was  a  student  of the  very  famous Leopold Auer – the greatest violin teacher of all times.  No wonder,  that  Aiste has followed  in  her family footsteps and is fostering  the best  traditions of the best violin school.


Playing violin since 4


Aiste’s   training  began   when  she  was  just 4  years  old.  Gradually,  Aiste started  playing  with various  Lithuanian and international orchestras and giving  recitals since the age of six. She has played for the lovers of music in many countries. While   still a  student at the National  Ciurlionis  School of Art and later at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, she was  learning  mastery  under the guidance of many famous violinists: Prof. Zenon Brzewski, Prof. Alexander Fisher, Prof. Marina Jashwili, Prof. Wolfgang Marschner, Prof. Sergey Kravchenko.



'Music is the essence of my life'


Aiste  has  participated  in  many  international  projects  and  has  taught  at  international  seminars  in  Russia,   France, Germany,   Belgium,  Poland   and  Spain.  Moreover,  she  performed  solo  with  Minsk  Chamber  Orchestra,  Lithuanian Chamber  Orchestra,  Lithuanian  National  Philharmonic  Orchestra,  Lithuanian Music Academy Chamber Orchestra and was on European tour with the Junges Stuttgarter Bach Ensemble.


Aiste  Dvarionaite  bewitches  her   listeners  by the  warmth and elegance of her playing, as well as by the highest artistic level   of  phrasing.  "Music is the essence  of my life", says Aiste. In late 2008, the artist together with her family settled in London  where  she  continuous  her  professional  career  and  shares  the  pleasure of teaching with gifted children and students.